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Top 3 Reasons to Go on Our River Cruises

There are many great reasons to go on a river cruise with Dream Tours To Go, and here are the top three reasons...

A small group of eight people on a world tour
The intimate experience of a small group

Intimate Small Group Experience

Our world tours host a small group of people that are like-minded and friendly. You will get to know them, and feel more like a traveler being escorted on an intimate experience rather than a tourist being herded. Small groups also allow for seeing more places in a shorter period of time. It makes things easy so that you can get the most of your time traveling.

The Iron Gate of the Danube River
The Iron Gate of the Danube River

Scenic Vistas

There is nothing quite like sitting on a ship watching the beautiful sights drift by. Whether it is the Iron Gate of the Danube River, the Rhine River Gorge, big city life, or picturesque villages, the scenery is spectacular. River cruises offer a great mix of the countryside and the city. There is nothing quite like river cruising, which has calm waters for a nice stable ride.

Bratislava Castle in Slovakia
Bratislava Castle in Slovakia

Great Value

You can sleep on the ship and wake up in a new port every day. With the rare exception of a possible multiple night stay at a particularly interesting port, it's a great value not to have any days "at sea."

Touring with Ben Franklin and Linda Franklin of Dream Tours To Go is a great way to see the world, especially if you live near Charlotte, NC where most of their flights depart from. If you are looking for some comfortable adventure, please check out our home page for upcoming tours.

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